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Vice President of AI Security and Risk

Build and manage a team of security experts whose role it is to expose security problems in major AI models. Create security focused recommendations to improve organizational and engineering approaches to client’s AI Adoption. Develop measurable metrics that demonstrate value in the process of improving security for AI and Machine Learning.

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Data Scientist – Machine Learning Specialist

If you are passionate about building responsible AI solutions and have a strong background in Machine Learning pipelines, we encourage you to apply and join us in shaping the future of AI adoption.

As a Data Scientist – Machine Learning Specialist at Forest Global Training Partners, you will play a pivotal role in enabling our clients to effectively harness AI models and platforms for their business needs.

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AI Risk Management Engineer

Your primary focus will be to ensure that AI implementations are designed and executed with a strong emphasis on risk management, data security, and ethical considerations.

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AI Emergency Response :: Field Team Leader

As a Field Team Leader, you will lead a deployed AI Emergency Response team. In the event of an AI Adjacent Emergency or Disaster, your expertise will be required to work with AI Engineers to troubleshoot, detect and contain failure modes related to AI behaviors and outputs.

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AI Risk Management Engineer Pre-Sales

Pre-Sales AI Risk Management Engineer

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DevOps Engineer Puppet

This position is with one of the top consulting firms worldwide.

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