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For over two decades, Forest Global Training Partners has accumulated a wealth of expertise in guiding its clients’ infrastructure automation and DevSecOps initiatives to successful completion. All of our Chef consulting engineers have practical experience in strategic and tactical IT and software development in the financial, healthcare, software, and educational sectors. Our professional services combine best practices, thought leadership, quality, innovation, and teamwork.

Chef can be your one-stop solution if you want to innovate quickly, guarantee consistent security, or build a dynamic or flexible software infrastructure.

As a popular automation platform or DevOps tool, Chef aids in the development of flexible infrastructure that accelerates organizational adoption of high-value technologies and facilitates the faster delivery of apps on any platform.

Chef Automation, designed for DevOps companies, makes it easier to create and manage dynamic software infrastructure across various environments and platforms. It helps enterprises easily design, deploy, and manage infrastructure, applications, and compliance thanks to its high flexibility and scalability. Forest Global Training Partners provides high levels of collaboration between developers, operations, and security experts by providing centralized operational visibility for multiple teams. This helps us deliver applications and infrastructure at a new speed. Additionally, it offers timely, useful insights that support scalability across numerous data centers. Don’t wait any longer to implement Chef!