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We exist to

Train the Future AI Risk Engineers, AI Risk Prevention, and AI Risk Mitigation Specalists

As part of that mission, we are taking the initiative to:

Establish Ourselves as the Thought Leader and Authority on
AI Risk Prevention.

Serve Companies, Organizations and even Government Entities
With AI Risk Detection, Prevention and Mitigation.

Be the first to market with innovative, proprietary AI Risk Training Materials that Legal Experts And Insurers will make compulsory for their large clients.

Educate Our Customers on what AI Integration is and what proper AI Integration must have in order to be successful and guard from unwanted outcomes.

Types of Roles At Our Company:

Pre-Sales AI Risk Training Consultant
AI Risk Training Sales
AI Risk Consulting Sales
AI Integration Solutions Architect
AI Integration Security Architect
Senior AI/ML Engineers
Senior AL/ML Automated Test Engineers
AI Chaos Analyst

AI Risk Assessment

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Frequently Asked

I know we want to use AI, but how do we get started?
How can I prevent unwanted outcomes from using AI?
What if our employees are already using AI without company authorization?
Who is liable for the unwanted resulting output from an AI system, is it the company providing the AI, or the business using it?
I have heard of copyright infringement cases surrounding use of AI, does this apply to our company?
What are reasonable policies that we can put in place for our employees to use AI with our blessing?

  • I know we want to use AI, but how do we get started?

    Begin with the end goal in mind. Ask what is the outcome you require and how is AI going to help you get there?

    Will AI help your employees be more productive doing research?

    Will AI make your company more money? How?

    Start from the end vision and work backwards to gain perspective on how an AI integration would best suit your orginization.